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I am so grateful to Dr. Neimat's incredibly gentle and caring staff who made sure that my visits for vein surgery were calm and pleasant. Dr. Neimat, Ana Maria, Heidi and the rest of the staff were aware that I had a time constraint on my health insurance and made a huge effort to get my surgeries performed in time. The most important part of my experience was that my surgery was completely painless and effective in treating my aching legs. The recovery was easy and would highly recommend this office - my experience was nothing but great each time I went. The added bonus is that everyone at the facility has a wonderful sense of humor. So, if you have painful legs and venous reflux like I did, hobble over to Dr. Neimat and he will send you running home like a gazelle! Seriously. A big bravo and thank you!!!


Dr Neimat is synonymous with experience and professionalism. He cares about his patients. I went through laser vein closure procedure in his clinic less than a month ago. I am feeling excellent. No pain in any moment, going to work on the same day. Dr Neimat and his team were very caring and totally dedicated to me during the process. They just make your life easier and always with a smile on their faces. Thank you Dr Neimat, Ana Maria, Heidi and all he rest of the team!


LOVING MY NEW LEGS!! The Vein Clinic of Washington made my apprehension of my unsightly varicose and spider veins go away! From my initial consultation with Dr. Samir Neimat through my ultra sound and multiple procedures he and his wonderful staff put my mind at ease and took the very best care of me each step of the way. They really have a way of making you feel like family with each visit. I had awful varicose and spider veins which only got worse after having my two children and I am SO GLAD I decided to treat my legs now and not suffer another day. Dr. Neimat walked me through each step of the procedures and I underwent two Endovenous Laser Treatments as well as multiple Phlebectomies. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of each procedure as well as the minimal recovery time. Dr. Neimat is wonderful and even called me after the procedures to check on me and see how I was doing. I could not be any more pleased with the results and I cannot wait to show off my new legs this summer! I would highly recommend Dr. Samir Neimat to anyone suffering from venous reflux disease. Thank you Dr. Neimat and your amazing staff for all that you've done for me, I feel like a new woman!


Dr. Neimat and the staff are wonderful. My wife a new lease on life. She purchased her first skirt in 30 years. My wife's veins were so bad that she was getting leg pain. Not anymore. If you want the best results you go to the best. The Vein Clinic of Washington is the best. Results count and The Vein Clinic of Washington gets positive results. Now I'm going to have dr Neimat look at a vein I am having trouble with. Don't wait go to Dr. Neimat and his staff. You won't regret it!


I highly recommend Dr. Neimat and the excellent staff at the Vein Clinic of Washington. Before I visited Dr. Neimat, I consulted with two other specialists who informed me that my symptoms could be treated one of two ways - superficially (and at my own expense) or through a painful vein-stripping procedure. Neither option appealed to me so, for a couple of years, I gave up hope. When the pain became unbearable, I started to research the issue again and came across Dr. Neimat's website. After my initial consultation and examination, Dr. Neimat gave me both good and bad news. The bad news was that - no surprise - I had a severe venous insufficiency in both legs. But the good news was that the problem was serious enough to be covered by my insurance and treatable by a relatively painless, out-patient procedure. (Yes, I had to go through a qualification process with my insurance company, but Dr. Neimat and his staff handled all of the paperwork on my behalf.) Dr. Neimat took the time to explain my condition and all of my treatment options. I appreciated his gentle demeanor. He understood that discussing my condition was uncomfortable for me and he was sensitive to this every time we interacted. I received follow-up phone calls from him after each procedure, even on the weekends, to make sure I was recovering well. Dr. Neimat's staff also exceeded my every expectation. Each of them was professional, of course, but also polite, friendly, and good natured. As I got to know the staff, I was impressed by how much they cared about the outcome of my procedures. I cannot remember the last time I met a group of professionals who took such a personal interest in my well-being. Each of my three procedures was a success and I am more than satisfied with the outcome. I'm so glad I took the time to consult with Dr. Neimat. It's hard to overstate what a positive affect it has had on my life.


I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Neimat. I have had varicose veins all over my legs for half of my life. Dr. Neimat, despite his extremely busy schedule, took the time to explain every detail of each step of the treatment. From the very beginning I felt I was in good hands. The doctor expertly performed all required procedures. The result is already amazing although it's not finished yet! My legs look beautiful! I am so deeply grateful to Dr. Neimat and his wonderful staff that I am on the verge of tears every time I think about what he did for me.




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