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Sclerotherapy | Microphlebectomy

Sclerotherapy Treatment

Our sclerotherapist uses an extremely fine needle to inject a sclerosant medication directly into the target vein and its branches. The sclerosant causes the treated veins to collapse, and has the visual effect of causing the veins to disappear. We also assess for and treat the underlying cause of these superficial varicosities before we recommend sclerotherapy. The sclerotherapy treatment itself is much more effective and the results much longer lasting when a healthy circulatory pattern has been restored by the correction of underlying reflux.

If the cause of the small superficial varicosities or “spider veins” has not been addressed, these varicosities can and do reappear. Sclerotherapy services have been offered by a variety of medical subspecialists. While this treatment is very effective, many patients note that the veins reappear some months later in the region close to where treatment occurred. Often this is the case because the underlying source of venous reflux has not been treated. As a courtesy to our patients we highly recommend a through assessment for the underlying cause of these superficial varicosities or “spider veins”.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Microphlebectomy, sometimes called ambulatory phlebectomy, is a minimally invasive method of treating small varicose veins.  A special hook is used to remove the vein through multiple tiny incisions that do not usually require stitches and leave minimal scarring.  Recent advances have made it possible to perform the procedure using only local anesthesia in a doctors office as an outpatient. After microphlebectomy you will be asked to wear compression garments temporarily. The incisions typically heal within two weeks.


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