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Nutritional IV Therapy

Be Your Very Best with Nutritional IV Therapy

We are excited that The Vein Clinic of Washington and BP&IV Therapy will be collaborating to offer Wellness Hydration Therapy to or patients. Recent studies indicate that only about 30% of vitamins and minerals are absorbed when taken orally, whereas Nutritional IV Therapy allows for 90 – 100% absorption. This benefits both the sick and those maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


The Antioxidizer
Vitamin C IV

Vitamin C is a great antioxidant and promotes healing. It plays a key role in making collagen and a great immune booster. At higher doses it is a great adjunctive treatment for cancer

The Shield
Meyers Cocktail

Spartan charge _Spartan warrior in Battle dress attacking . Photo realistic 3d model scene.

A nutrient IV mix of magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C. This IV is useful for many chronic conditions such as fatigue and malnutrition. A great way to supplement an active and busy lifestyle.

The Replenisher
Vitamin Mineral IV

Combines 15 ingredients including vitamins B and C along with minerals such as potassium and zinc. Helpful for nutrient deficiencies, malabsorption issues, diarrhea, and also a great immune booster.

Glutathione IV


Glutahione plays a key role in detoxification and a effective immune response. Many experts call reduced glutathione “The Mother of all Antioxidants”. Since it supports the function of other antioxidants in the body, it helps fight oxidative damage and prevents signs of aging; allowing for a bright and even toned look.



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